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SRNA, 02.11.2018, Prosecutor's Office requested to include indicted Serbs in Court Proceedings for the First Time

BELGRADE, November 2 /SRNA/ – The Indictment Panel of the Zagreb County Court returned to the Prosecutor’s Office both indictments in the Vocin Case, which included 51 Serbs, demanding the involvement of the indictees in court proceedings, which was not the case to date, said Savo Strbac, the director of the Veritas Documentation and Information Centre.

Strbac has pointed out that this illustrates the perverse method of court proceedings against the Serbs conducted in Croatia since 1991.

He told SRNA that the indictment related to the Vocin case was initially unique and then got split. Croatian public harshly reacted when the Court decided on October 16 to return one of the indictments explaining how it is necessary to include the accused ones in the court proceedings, which was the first such case in Croatia.

“I was particularly intrigued by the fact that this indictment was returned to the Prosecutor’s Office with the motion to include the indictees in the court proceedings, since the indictment lists their addresses in Serbia. The practice so far was not to serve the indictments, but to post them on the courts’ notice boards,” said Strbac, adding that the second indictment was also returned on October 26.

He has said that it was inconceivable to him as a lawyer that the indictees do not receive indictments.

“When people ask and call to check if they are listed in the indictment, I ask them if they received it. They always answered negatively. I would then ask if they were summoned for inquiry, and again received a negative answer,” said Strbac and added that he always answered that was not right way to go, but, as he pointed out, it worked somehow.

“The Court in Split confirmed the indictment of Kosta Novakovic, who was not served, pointing out that he was at an unknown address, but he testified in the General Djukic case last summer. Then the prosecutors asked him: ‘Do you know that criminal proceedings are being conducted against you’, and he told them that he had learnt it from the media,” Strbac mentioned this as one of the examples.

He has explained that there is the Serbia-Croatia Agreement from 2006 at the level of the Prosecutor's Office, which defines how to proceed the cases, but Croatia has not so far respected it.”

“In this case /Vocin/ so many people – 51 in two indictments, have never received the indictments, nor did they defend themselves, nor are they involved in the investigation; their addresses are known, which is why the media in Croatia is now attacking the Prosecutor’s Office that I am pleased with. They must be included in the investigation. “If you know the address, then you must send indictments and investigative and all other decisions, documents,” Strbac has added.

The indictees in the Vocin Case upon the indictment that has been returned to the Prosecutor's Office on October 16, are: Borivoje Radisavljevic, Rajko Bojcic, Borivoje Lukic, Zoran Misevic, Marinko Ergarac, Mile Crnobrnja, Mitar Simic, Ljubisko Novakovic, Zoran Jorgic, Milenko Bogatic, Jovan Cvetic, Milorad Ergarac, Rajko Vuckovic, Radisav Jokic, Djuro Vukojevic, Djuro Djuric, Richard Glusac, Zoran Jovakaric.

In this case, the following persons were indicted too: Stevo Simic, Milorad Grkinic, Predrag Bosanac, Krsto Tomasevic, Borislav Tomasevic, Davor Bosanac, Veselko Petrusic, Ranko Lukic, Rade Ivanovic, Milenko Ivanovic and Milutin Popovic.

According to the indictment, which was returned on October 26, the indictees are: Borivoj Lukic, Zoran Miscevic, Dragomir Keleuv, Veljko Vukelic, Ljubomir Makaric, Ilija Dragicevic, Dragoslav Bukvic, Milana Jurisic, Goran Romic, Slavko Dragicevic, Rajko Ivkovic, Mile Svonja, Dalibor Desancic, Svetislav Romic, Zako Graonja, Mirko Gravonja, Momcilo Graonja, Bozo Svonja, Dusan Dragicevic, Mirko Bosanac, Relja Dragicevic and Milovan Bojcic. /end/vos

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