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SRNA, 18.01.2017., Strbac: Croatia celebrates Quarter Century of Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs

BELGRADE, January 18 /SRNA/ – Head of the Veritas Documentation and Information Centre, Savo Strbac, has said that these days Croatia has not only pompously celebrated anniversary of its independence, but also a quarter century of ethnic cleansing of Serbs, who are not only banished, but converted into Catholics and Croatianized, and enabled in all ways, especially through war crimes indictments, to return to the land their ancestors owned.

He emphasized in his statement to SRNA that the next census in Croatia in 2021 will confirm that the plan of Franjo Tudjman and other “fathers of Croatia” to reduce the Serbs in Croatia to three percent is even exceeded, since there will not be that many Serbs left in Croatia by then.

“According to official 1991 population census results, there were 582,000 or 12.2 percent of Serbs living in Croatia and 106,000 or two percent Yugoslavs. The demographers from the FRY territory agree that at least 80 percent of the people declared as Yugoslavs were Serbs. The 2011 population census results show there were 186.00, or 4.36 Serbs in Croatia “said Strbac.

He has stressed that Croatia was not cleansed of Serbs only through the military operations Storm and Flash, but the cleansing continued by various instruments in the “European” Croatia too.

“The Urban Serbs in Croatia are being Croatianized and converted into Catholics. So the Jovanovics becomes Ivanovics, while Jovans becomes Ivans” said Strbac.

According to the data Strbac received from the Serbian Orthodox Church, approximately 30,000 Orthodox Serbs have been converted into Catholicism and that many are Croatianized since the war in Croatia.

He has stressed that the Serbs decide to take that step in order to prevent their children, if any, from being discriminated, or the elderly could stay and live without major problems.

“Popovic, a priest from Zagreb, told me that after operation Storm, his job reduced to the issuance of birth certificates, so the Serbs whom he issued the birth certificates to could become Krizmans,” says Strbac.

As an illustration of unstoppable conversion of remaining Serbs into Catholicism in Croatia, Strbac mentioned the testimony of his friend – a priest from Zadar.

“He told me that 30 faithful who were going regularly to the church died in one year, and he buried just 2 out 30 deceased. The rest were buried by Catholic priests based on the decision made by children and family. They asked for Catholic priests to protect themselves and their families from a risk of retaliation,” said Strbac.

Strbac listed war crimes indictments as one of the biggest reasons why “fertile men of working age, without whom there is no future for the Serbs in Croatia” do not return.

“Croats have devised the most perfidious way of maintaining “demographic balance”. At least 100,000 Serbs cannot return to Croatia due to the indictments, which are constantly and repeatedly filed, said Strbac.

He has pointed out that some of the instruments to discourage Serbs to permanently abandon the idea of return are unresolved property and pensions issues, and a number of other outstanding issues, which Zagreb apparently has no intention to resolve, because “it enjoys greatest power centres’ support for its inaction”.

“They are tolerant to Croatia. It is not accidental, that these days Croata is rewarding Genscher and others who are meritorious, as they sang `Danke Deutschland` in 90’s since they know very well who made everything possible for them. Vatican and Germany are at the head.” concluded Strbac.



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