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SRNA, 07.08.2016., Strbac: No Political Will to prosecute The Storm Criminals

BOSANSKI PETROVAC, August 7 /SRNA/ – A commemoration was held Sunday near the memorial cross in Janjile-Bravsko on the Petrovac Road to mark 21 years since the killing of nine Serb civilians killed in the Croatian military operation The Storm, when Croatian MiGs bombed a convoy of Serbian refugees.

Veritas Centre director Savo Strbac has told Srna there is no political will to prosecute the criminals who bombed the convoy of refugees from the Republic of Serbian Krajina on the Petrovac Road and the Prijedor Road near Svodna.

“The prosecutor’s office in Sarajevo has been conducting those investigations for years but has constantly failed to come up with an indictment, even though it has all the information apart from who manned the aircraft,” said Strbac.

He noted it wasn’t difficult to find out who the pilots were because the Croats didn’t have a lot of aircraft at the time, or many pilots, and two were killed.

Strbac recalled that a Croatian Air Force MiG-21 dropped bombs on a convoy of Serbian Krajina refugees on August 7, 1995, killing nine civilians, including four children and a 21-year-old girl, and wounding 50.

He pointed out that during the war in the former Yugoslavia, that was the highest number of child casualties in one day.

“The aircraft that bombed the convoy took off from an airport in Split. The Croats qualified the operation as successful and the civilian victims as collateral damage,” Strbac said.

In 2010, the Banjaluka Public Security Centre filed a criminal report with the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina against three Croatian army officers and two pilots on suspicion of attacking civilians in a convoy of refugees.

Strbac added that the people who gathered Sunday near Petrovac remembered with sadness the 1,856 Serbs killed during and after The Operation Storm.

The commemoration was attended by the victims’ families, people who were in the convoy at the time, representatives of Veritas, and Serbs from Petrovac and Drinic.




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