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SRNA, 15.09.2017, Strbac: Serbs are prosecuted in order to maintain Liberation War Concept

BELGRADE, September 15 /SRNA/ – The latest indictment against Admiral Slobodan Rajcevic and former JNA officer Cedomir Borojevic proves that Croats, in order to maintain the “homeland war concept” as a liberation war that entered textbooks, resolutions, declarations and awareness, must fabricate new war crimes and prosecute Serbs, believes Director of the Veritas Documentation and Information Centre, Savo Strbac.

He told SRNA that the Croats simply have to follow this trend because it is the guarantee for the survival of their homeland that resulted from the persecution and crime against those Serbs who they persistently represent as aggressors.

“Through these prosecutions for alleged war crimes, through the activities of their state and military security services related to monitoring the younger generation of Serbs, they are trying to maintain the image of the victim of 1990’s war /20th century/ by calling it liberation war,” said Strbac.

According to him, the entire concept of the Croatian state is based on the fact that someone came to Croatia, carried out an aggression, and they defended themselves.

“It is completely unfounded. Neither Serbs nor the JNA, whose members were Rajcevic and Borojevic who are charged with alleged crimes in Sibenik, did not come from somewhere. They were there in 1991. The Serbs have now celebrated the seven centuries of the Krka Monastery. Who builds monasteries on a land without believers … ? The JNA was there since the Second World War, it did not arrive in 1991 to carry out the act of aggression,” said Strbac.

He has explained that the first defendant Rajcevic and the second defendant Borojevic were attacked in 1991 as JNA soldiers by Croatia’s paramilitary forces and they were defending themselves, which is not a war crime anywhere in the world other than in Croatia.

“The JNA military barracks in Sibenik were surrounded, soldiers remained without water, electricity and food. They were shooting at the machine guns and sniper nests set up by Croats on the high bell towers of their churches. Now Croats accuse JNA soldiers of ruining historical monuments and disturbing the population, but they were just defending themselves,” Strbac has pointed out.

He assumes that Borojevic will be held in detention in Croatia until a verdict pronunciation, and that Rajcevic will be sentenced in absentia to multiple years imprisonment, and that the arrest and prosecution of Serbs will continue as long as the generation of Serbs from Krajina and JNA members that participated in the war, live.

He is convinced that the Croats will not stop with this and that their “obsession” with Serbs will continue, which is supported by their statements on how Croatia is jeopardized by young Serb nationalists.

“It has nothing to do with life. I have been all around the world, and in some ways, I am surprised by the passivity of the people who has been expelled, whose property is destroyed, and who is still searching for a number of missing persons.” The young Serbs are not indoctrinated, they do not hate. Croats invent theories and maintain the image of a victim because there is nothing else left for them,” Strbac stressed.

The Croatian Defence Ministry has announced that an indictment has been filed against a 65-year-old citizen of Serbia and a 54-year-old citizen of Montenegro, who also has Croatian citizenship, “for the war crimes committed between September 16 and 23, 1991 during the JNA and the SAO Krajina forces attacks on Sibenik”.

According to unofficial information from Croatian media, second defendant Cedomir Borojevic /aged 54/ was arrested in March, while the first defendant is inaccessible to the Croatian judiciary.



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