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SRNA, 06.09.2020, 27 Years since The Murder of Seven Serbs in Mirlovic Polje

BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER 6 /SRNA/ – Today marks 27 years since members of a diversion terrorist group from the Croatian Army killed and massacred seven Serb civilians in the village of Mirlović Polje, near Drniš, in front of UNPROFOR members, the Documentation and Information Center “Veritas” announced.

The village was under the control of the Republika Srpska Krajina /RSK/ authorities, and civilians stayed there encouraged by the presence of UNPROFOR.

In the terrorist action, Ljubica /Stevan/ Trzin /55/ was first killed by a bomb thrown into the basement where she hid, and Marija Trzin was seriously wounded.

Next to the body of Ljubica Trzin, in the morning, September 7, members of the RSK Civil Protection, accompanied by members of the UN Civil Police, found the bodies of Milan Bibić /67/ and his wife Vasilija /67/, Božo Bibić /86/, and his wife Božica /81/, Marta Šarac /86/ and Ljubica /Petra/ Trzin /56/.

The bodies were buried on the same day in the local cemetery without an autopsy. Ten days later, the bodies were exhumed, and the court expert Željko Karan made a complete expert report, which was also inspected by UNPROFOR representatives.

Although this crime took place in front of many members of UNPROFOR, so far, neither before international nor before domestic courts, no one has been prosecuted.

Based on the information obtained by the relatives of the killed, Marko Skejo from the village of Ružić near Drniš, who commanded that unit, and Mirko Kušeta and Ilija Buzov, both from Mirlović Polje, took part in the murder of the locals from Mirlović Polje village.

Due to the inefficiency of the investigation before the Croatian judiciary, the families of the killed citizens of Mirlović Polje are seeking justice on the basis of Article 2 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.



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