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Agent of the Republic  of Serbia before the ICJ:

“One could rightfully say that the narrative of  Štrbac is one- sided: it is well-known how severe suffering of the Croat population was in 1991. Yet, if the reader bears in mind that this side of the story was mostly hidden by the world's public for twenty years, culminating in the ICTY Judgment in the Gotovina case (for illustration, see its dissenting opinions), the value of this book grows as a fair attempt to illuminate the dark side of the Moon.”


Vuk JEREMIC, ex President of Assembly of UN:

“This book by Savo Strbac is a collection of essays on injustice – suffering of innocent people caught in maelstrom of civil war, victims of reckless pursuing of political ends. They represent invaluable testimonials in the quest for truth about a tragic era. Uncovering the truth is a prerequisite for reconciliation and lifting the heavy weight of the past from the shoulders of the generations that will follow our own.”


ex Commissioner for Refugees in Serbia:

“This whole book and the deposition from the Hague in front of International Court of Justice witness that the quest of Savo Štrbac for the truth was somehow like the quest of the knights of the round table for the holy grail.

But that quest for the holy grail is the wonderful legend, and Sava's quest for the truth and justice for Serbs of Krajina is a reality.”


Co-Director, International Action Center – IA Center.org:

“Diplomatic recognition, political and military support of Croatia launched a war that uprooted and destroyed tens of thousands of families.

It was used to justify NATO bombing and destruction in Bosnia and Serbia and an occupying army of foreign “peace keepers”. This book will help to give perspective to present survivors and to future generations.”




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